Fairy on the Christmas Tree

Fairy on the Christmas Tree
Lark Westerly
eXtasy Books
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Frances finds herself in a most unfortunate situation on Christmas Eve in Lark Westerly's romantic romp Fairy on the Christmas Tree. Her lover keeps making excuses for not paying his half of their holiday cruise, and finally he tells her over the phone he has to go to his so-called ex-wife's business dinner with the boss. Her patience with him at an end, in a huff Fran accidentally drops her cell phone into a pot of boiling custard on the stove. So much for a long, drawn out, sad good-bye. 

Fran decides to do her best to salvage her lonely holiday. She strikes out on her own to purchase a new angel topper for her grandmother's old artificial Christmas tree. But wouldn't you know it? There's not a single angel to be had in all of Sydney--amazing! Finally she meets a sympathetic shop assistant named Egbert who locates an old "fairy topper"  in the back room. Fran decides the price is right and what the heck? She buys it sight unseen and heads home with her dinner for one.

Grandma's tree looks sad after she decorates it with the old and tired decorations. Fran sighs and wishes she could be in Brisbane with her folks.  She opens the box, hoping the fairy topper will perk up her holiday, but it turns out to be just plain ugly. She wipes its freshly painted make-up off its face--odd that--and takes off its hideous pink gauze dress only to discover a  real live--and extremely randy--male fairy underneath. Niall tells Fran that her magic has made him ready to fulfill her every Christmas wish and then some... Let the loving begin!

Fairy on the Christmas Tree is a funny and fast read sure to please all who have ever wished not to be alone on a holiday, and to find that magical someone who can fulfill their ever secret pleasure. Fran is a heroine with pluck and determination, and she meets her match in the sexy and playful Niall Le Fay, a fairy with a saucy wit and a strong desire to please. Don't wait until December to enjoy this comedy-erotic-romance set Down Under.

Rating: 4 sushi rolls

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